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Black Armour® is the expert in manufacturing premium, vulcanized, heavy-duty precision cut recycled rubber bed mats for truck bed and cargo protection. 

Our innovative, proprietary vulcanization manufacturing process allows NWR to produce higher quality, more durable, and non-porous recycled rubber products than our competitors.


Black Armour® mats are made from ½” thick 100% recycled rubber, keeping your truck bed free of dents, dings, and scratches.


Black Armour® ½" thick recycled rubber truck bed mat limits the absorption of liquids and moisture to prevent bacteria build-up.


Black Armour® bed mats are made from 100% recycled rubber. Each bed mat prevents six end-of-life tires from entering landfills.


Superior Product Performance:

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Black Armour® vs Spray On Liner:

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UltraSonic Cutting Technology

Precision cut with NWR’s proprietary Ultra Sonic Cutting technology, each Black Armour® rubber mat promises a precise, glove-like fit front to back and around wheel wells, so you don’t have to worry about tricky clean-up after your latest job.

You’ll find a precision cut mat developed and designed to perfectly fit your truck, whether you’ve got a Ford, Chevy, GMC, RAM, Toyota, or Jeep. We offer Black Armour® mats for a variety of bed sizes.


NWR takes recycled crumb rubber from end-of-life tires and fuses it together under extreme heat and pressure to form a solid, non-porous rubber mass similar to the way a diamond is formed in nature under extreme pressure and heat.

This vulcanization process creates a hygienic, non-porous surface which repels moisture and bacteria collection. It also creates an ultra-dense, longer-lasting finished product, with up to 20% more rubber than polyurethane-bound crumb rubber products.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I first unboxed my Black Armour® product, I noticed a rubber odour. Is it safe and non-toxic?
Yes! Recycled rubber is safe based on many published reports, including dozens of peer-reviewed scientific studies and a comprehensive 2019 study conducted by the US-EPA. These reports all agree that recycled tire crumb rubber is safe and poses no significant health, air quality, or environmental risks. The rubber smell will dissipate with ventilation and time, however, if you are particularly sensitive to odour and fragrance, we recommend placing the product in your garage with the doors open or outside on a covered deck or porch for 4-5 days to aid in the odour dissipation.
Who is North West Rubber?

Black Armour® products are manufactured by North West Rubber – the largest manufacturer of recycled rubber products in the world, with over 50 years of leadership in producing innovative flooring and matting products that lead the way in strength, safety, and sustainability. We own and operate manufacturing facilities in Ontario, British Columbia, Beijing, Texas, and Quebec. We have been proudly protecting the environment by recycling over a billion pounds of scrap tire rubber into useful products since 1968.


Drop-in plastic liners require drilling holes in the truck bed to secure the liner to your truck and will shift or vibrate over time damaging your bed’s finish. The Black Armour® mat uses non-abrasive rubber which will not scratch the finish of your truck and installation does not require any drilling holes. Drop-in liners are not only rough on your cargo, but they are also rough on your knees when climbing in to access it. Black Armour® mats provide a joint-friendly ½” rubber surface when you need to climb inside your truck bed. The Black Armour® mat will not fit with a plastic liner installed. You must remove the plastic liner before installing a Black Armour® mat.


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