For over 50 years, North West Rubber has operated as the leading manufacturer of recycled rubber solutions throughout North America and globally. With manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States and China, NWR proudly serves the Agriculture, Automotive, Recreational Flooring, Commercial Flooring, Playground, Pet, Construction, Industrial, Traffic Safety, Marine, Solar, and Landscaping markets with its rubber products.


Precision engineered with North West Rubber’s exclusive vulcanized technology, Black Armour® offers 100% protection, shielding your truck bed from scratches and dents from even the most demanding cargo. Black Armour® bed mats are made from ½” thick 100% recycled rubber which will not harbor mold or mildew.  This mat can handle anything you throw at it or in your truck.


Since day one, providing our customers with the highest quality rubber products available has always been our utmost priority, and we never once stopped our endeavour to better our manufacturing processes to improve our product performance. Our history goes back to the late ’60s and early ’70s, when we first discovered the great value and potential in end-of-life tires, then transformed them into quality rubber mats which were initially used for agricultural applications, but also became popular for use in ice rinks, fitness facilities, work trucks, horse trailers and on roof walkways.


We have transformed over a billion pounds of end-of-life tires into useful, high-quality recycled rubber products. Our innovative, proprietary vulcanization manufacturing process allows NWR to produce non-porous, recycled rubber products that are higher quality and more durable than our competitors, most of whom use polyurethane to bind recycled crumb rubber together.

More than Rubber.

NWR has been protecting the environment by recycling well over a billion pounds of scrap tire rubber into useful products since 1968. We partner with governments, industry stewardship groups, and other environmentally conscious organizations across North America to reduce the number of scrap tires that are landfilled or incinerated. NWR’s commitment to true Environmental Responsibility even when recycling wasn’t looked at favourably, is what it stands for and will continue to stand for in the years to come.

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