So, you’ve taken the plunge and bought your dream pickup truck. But you want to put your personal mark on your truck, and don’t know where to start tricking it out? There are seemingly endless possibilities for pickup truck modifications, from inexpensive DIY add-ons to full-blown overhauls performed only by skilled technicians. Whatever type of improvement and upgrade you’re after, whether it’s for performance and functionality (like increasing the power, utility, and protection of your truck with wheels, lights, bed length and mats) or aesthetics (wanting a bigger and more aggressive look), we’re highlighting some of the most popular pickup truck aftermarket accessories to get your motor running!


Bigger wheels and tires can instantly pump up your ride (and the height of it!). From a performance perspective, for the outdoor explorer, bigger wheels can enhance the off-road experience with better grip on rocky terrain, and traction in slippery conditions and sandy dunes. From a visual perspective, this upgrade makes a statement, giving your pickup truck a punchier, more aggressive look.


The bed of your truck can act as a catch-all and you need the right truck bed liner to protect the bed (and your investment) from wear and tear, from the elements, and from damage from cargo. The durability, traction, and superior protection provided by Black Armour Truck Bed Mats, mats created from 100% high-density, vulcanized recycled rubber, is unrivaled.  These long-lasting, high-grip mats are manufactured using ultrasonic cutting technology and will fit your truck bed like a glove. Additional benefits of Black Armour Truck Bed Mats includes a skid-resistant surface that will keep cargo from shifting, having a mat in place will make cleaning the bed of the truck an easier task, the mat will lessen the noise of jangling cargo, and will also provide a soft bed for more fragile items.


Put simply, a truck bed extender does what it advertises – it extends the length of your truck bed, allowing you to carry additional loads such as oversized materials, small boats, and large equipment. This addition to your pickup truck can convert it into a hauler by adding as much as 3 feet to your truck bed.


A truck tonneau cover is a hard cover that lays on top of the truck bed, securing your possessions and protecting them from the elements (think: rain, snow, sleet, and so on). When choosing a cover, it should have a lock for securing contents and for best functionality, be a folding cover as these are easiest to use, tilting open, retracting, or folding whenever necessary.


Upgrading your factory-installed lighting or adding some extra brightness for the oomph of it, is an easy way to customize your pickup truck, especially if you’re prone off-roading in the dark. You can turn night into day with a high-quality LED light bar that can be affixed behind the grille or above the cab.


Want to take your truck up (or in some cases, down) a notch? While this should be performed by a professional, customizing your suspension is the answer. A great suspension system can improve your pickup, from towing and off-road performance to the comfort of your ride. Lifting your suspension gives your truck more ground clearance from obstacles and provides room for larger tires. Aesthetically, a taller ride height gives your pickup truck a more aggressive look. For those who are low-rider enthusiasts, you can also have your suspension lowered, but this old-school look also requires modifications to the wheel wells, tires, struts, shocks, and axles.


If you think it stops there, think again. As mentioned above, there are so many ways to make your truck your own. Some other ways include:

-Bumper upgrade– upgrading your factory bumper with an aftermarket one can give better protection from obstacles and improve approach/departure angles.

-Interior upgrades – modify the interior of your truck with seat covers, floor mats, and high-tech additions such as an upgraded sound system.

-Front grille – upgrading your grille can definitely make a personal statement on your pickup truck.


Whatever you decide to do once you drive off the lot, your pickup truck is a great investment. Start by making a priority list of desired upgrades and then check your budget. If you can’t go big at the outset, start small and continue to build on your customized truck over time, slowly transforming it into the truck of your dreams!


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