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Tips For Moving With Your Pickup Truck

Moving boxes in living room

There are many different benefits of owning a pickup truck, all of which makes them one of the most popular vehicles in North America. Between the versatility, comfort and safety features, pickup trucks are truly designed to work. Even though there are many helpful features, hauling and towing tend to be two of the biggest reasons why people decide on a pickup truck.


Whether you’re planning on moving across town or all the way across the country, your pickup truck will help you get the job done efficiently and effectively. Although pickup trucks make the job easier, moving often presents its own unique challenges. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of 5 useful tips and tricks for a successful move with your pickup truck. 




Since moving often requires hauling heavy loads, it’s important to know the amount of weight that your truck can carry – this is also known as its payload capacity. A “payload” could be anything from the passengers in your vehicle to the assorted boxes needed for your move. The payload capacity is most likely provided in the owner’s manual, but if you’d like to determine it on your own, this is how: 


Begin with the maximum total weight that your truck can handle, also known as its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which is provided in the owner’s manual, then subtract your truck’s curb weight from its GVWR to determine your payload capacity.




Before beginning to load your truck with all sorts of cargo, it’s important to consider the potential damage that can be done to both your vehicle and the items that you’re transporting. We highly recommend installing a rubber truck bed mat so that your cargo stays put instead of shifting around and possibly damaging or scratching your bed and sidewalls. A Black Armour Truck Bed Mat is up to the job, a durable mat with an anti-skid surface made from 100% high-density vulcanized recycled rubber, and  specially designed to give your truck bed and the cargo the protection they need.




Once you’ve determined your truck’s payload limit and installed a rubber truck bed mat, you can now begin loading your truck. Although there are many different ways to load the  bed, there are several guidelines that you can follow for a smoother move: 


  • Make sure that all boxes are sealed shut to prevent losing any of your belongings. You should then load heavier items onto the truck bed first and as close to the cab as possible in order to help your truck maintain stability and balance while on the road. Once you’ve finished loading the heavier items close to the cab, it is then time to load the lighter items towards the back of the truck or on top of the heavier boxes and between pieces of furniture, if any. This will help distribute the weight evenly.


  • Strap all boxes and furniture down before hitting the road. It’s important to make sure that everything is strapped down tightly and securely and may be beneficial to invest in quality truck anchor points and heavy-duty ratchet straps to tie everything down, in turn preventing items from flying right off of your truck. 


  • Covering your belongings is a final, yet crucial step, when loading your pickup truck for a move. With weather being as unpredictable as it is, it’s important to use a sturdy weatherproof tarp to protect all of your items from inclement weather and flying debris. 


By following all of these helpful tips and tricks, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of your items are fully secured and protected from point A to point B. Good luck on your journey and happy moving!

truck on road with moving boxes

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