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Maintain Your Pickup Truck to Retain its Value

a well-maintained pickup truck with good resale value

It’s no secret that vehicles depreciate pretty much right away as soon as you drive them off the lot. Nonetheless, when it comes time to think about selling that truck, you’re going to want to get the best price you can. Well, with a bit of preparation and care, you will! We’re breaking down some of the best ways to maintain your truck to retain its value.

Maintain your truck’s cleanliness

We do many things in our trucks, so it’s imperative to keep them clean and tidy, both inside and out. Regular cleanings help retain your truck’s value, keeping the exterior polished and rust free. Your vehicle will be much easier to sell if you don’t have to dig muffin crumbs from three years ago out of the seats first. Cleaning as you go with periodic professional cleans will make sure the interior of your truck stays clean and attractive for any prospective buyers.

dirty badly maintained pickup truck

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

And did we say maintenance? If you maintain your truck, it’s a truck you can sell on. One of the best ways to retain your truck’s value is by keeping up-to-date on all your oil changes, service appointments, tire rotations, and checkups. Keep an eye on fluid levels, tire pressure, leaks, and filters. Keep a book of receipts in your glove box for easy reference to work done. Ensuring your truck is always in top running condition will only result in a reliable truck for resale down the road.


Vehicles are reported to amass around 13,500 miles per year. When you’re going to resell, that calculation determines a good chunk of your resale value. If you’re within that allowance, your resale value shouldn’t be significantly affected by the mileage. However, a vehicle’s value drops substantially once it crosses over the 100,000 mile mark, so keep that in mind for those cross-country treks!

Maintain your truck with lighter loads

As much fun as it is, towing can take a pretty massive toll on your truck. Towing things as little as possible is the best way to avoid the wear from those heavy loads and retain your truck’s resale value. But, if you do have to tow something, make sure you keep up on your maintenance before and after to keep everything in optimal shape.

No smoking zone

Keeping your car free of things that can leave a lasting presence, such as smoke, food, and drink, is the best way to keep the interior’s integrity intact. Avoiding things that could stain or burn the upholstery or finish will keep the interior looking newer and ensure you get a higher resale price.

Buy a truck bed mat

One of our first suggestions when discussing some of the best ways to retain your truck’s value is to look into floor and bed mats. If you’re in a climate that rains or snows regularly, you’re constantly bringing water, mud, slush, and snow into your truck that wears down your interior and truck bed—especially if you’ve got road salt to contend with. This is where mats can not only save your interior, but they make cleaning up so much easier. A few extra minutes of care here and there throughout the years you own your truck can quite literally save you thousands on its resale. It’s worth investing this time in your truck to retain your truck’s value when the time comes to upgrade to a newer model.

black armour truck bed mat surface

By installing a $250 heavy-duty truck bed mat, you can keep the bed floor in pristine condition, free from scratches and dents which cause rust. This one-time investment will pay back bigtime when it comes time to sell. A bed mat is also easy to remove from the truck when it’s time to sell it, unlike a bed liner.

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