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The Best Winter Road Trips in Wyoming to Take in Your Truck

Yellowstone National Park Best Winter Road Trips in Wyoming

Summer is usually when people think of hitting the open road and exploring new parts of the world. But if you ask us, it’s all about those winter road trips, especially if you own a truck. Winter travel offers the same destinations, but with a vastly different experience—and with substantially fewer crowds! If you’re in Wyoming, you’re in one of the best places in North America to take a winter road trip. The Cowboy State offers everything from stunning national parks, to hikeable mountains, to spectacular panoramic drives connecting each destination, whether or not you stay on the beaten path. We’re such fans that we have all the information you need for the best winter road trips in Wyoming.

Best Winter Road Trips in Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Perhaps one of the most well-known attractions in the western states, Yellowstone National Park has just as much allure in the winter as it does in the summer. Depending on snowfall, some roads may be closed, but in your truck, you’ll have no trouble navigating the open roads. Yellowstone is steeped in history and surrounded by the most breathtaking views you can imagine—all while being home to one of the most famous geysers, Old Faithful. Here you can take advantage of the hot springs, as well as plenty of winter biking, hiking and rock-climbing excursions.

Shoshone National Forest best winter road trips in wyoming

Shoshone National Forest

This forest boasts almost 2,500,000 acres of land, with every inch offering something to be discovered. A favourite winter activity that takes place here is dog sledding. Visitors can sign up for full or multi-day trips. Dog sledding excursions often include a ride to the hot springs and, on multi-day journeys, tours of the nearest mountain ranges. A dog sled adventure allows you to enjoy the scenery from afar on the drive up before you’re gliding through it all, pulled by your very own team of sled dogs.

Sinks Canyon State Park

Named for the underground limestone caverns, Sinks Canyon State Park offers some of the rarest winter adventures—rental yurts being one of them. Sinks Canyon is on the eastern slope of the Wind River Mountains and can get over 200 inches of snow in a season. There are four yurts situated in the Upper Popo Agie Campground available for rental that allow you to stay amid the diverse biology and ecosystem of Sinks Canyon. From birds to trees to wildlife, Sinks Canyon offers unparalleled access to some of the best sights and experiences Wyoming has to offer.

Granite Hot Springs

In the winter, these hot springs are only accessible by dog sled or snowmobile, which makes them the perfect winter getaway. The Granite Hot Springs facilities feature both an artificial pool and a waterfall-fed 104-degree spring pool.

Prepare for a Winter Road Trip in Your Truck

Wyoming can get pretty heavy snowfall, so you’ll always want to make sure you plan ahead and know what the forecast is predicting. Make sure you’ve got all the snow equipment for your truck you’ll need, like winter tires and snow chains.

To protect your truck from the winter elements you want to take some precautions. Let your truck warm up before you start out each day. Check your tires are in good condition to keep you on the road. Check the health of your battery regularly and replace it every 3-5 years, depending on how often you drive your truck. If you don’t have one already, install a thick rubber truck bed mat that will protect your bed from sleet, snow, rain, mud, and other debris you might pick up on a road trip. Black Armour truck bed mats offer unrivalled protection, keeping a barrier between your truck and the heavy loads and damaging weather conditions – it wipes clean every time and won’t absorb water or degrade over time.

As for yourself and your passengers, keeping a stock of emergency supplies, extra food and water, battery chargers and warm clothing will make sure that your road trip goes off without a hitch.

Feeling inspired? Let us know if you’ve taken any of these trips, if you’re planning one, or if you want to read about the best truck road trips in your state!

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