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Best Road Trips in California to Take in Your Pickup Truck

best road trips in california pickup truck

Road trips in California cover some of the most stunning forests and beaches in the country. This is one state that has to be seen from the open road. California is home to a range of national parks and world-class cities – it has something for every adventurer. With over 163,000 square miles, how do you decide where to go and what sights to see? We’ve got a selection below of the best California road trips you can take in your pickup truck. 

northern california highway

Weekend Road Trips in California

Even if you only have a few days, California weekend road trips still manage to exceed expectations. One of the best places to spend a weekend in California is Napa Valley. It has so much more to offer compared to some of the finest wineries in the country. From five-star hotels and resorts to poolside cabanas, spas, and restaurants – Napa Valley is one of California’s finest gems. 

Road Trips From California to Other States

If you’re looking to road trip from California to another state, you’ll want to look into a trip down Highway 395. This highway goes down the back of California and covers The Eastern Sierras. Highway 395 starts in British Columbia, Canada and ends in the Mojave Desert near Hesperia, CA, meaning that it offers easy access to highlights across Washington, Oregon and Nevada. 

Northern California Road Trips

If you’re looking for something more idyllic, free-spirited, and untamed, you’re going to find it in Northern California. As you move into a less densely populated area, the attraction and amenity stops can be further apart. You will want to make sure you are comfortable when you hit the road. 

Along your trip, you’ll stumble onto majestic places like Point Reyes National Seashore – famous for its wildlife and marshlands. Patrick’s Point and The Coastal Redwoods have 640 acres of Hemlock, Pine, and Fir trees along the coastline cliffs. Finally, McArthur-Burney Memorial State Park’s Burney Falls has a 129-foot waterfall. 

Tip: If you can begin your trip in San Francisco, you’ll be able to start off driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Dog-Friendly Road Trips in California

California has unique dog-friendly places that you shouldn’t miss. Carmel Beach is a beautiful white-sanded mile that runs from downtown to the Pebble Beach Golf Course—it’s completely off-leash dog friendly. You’ll also find 9.5 miles of beach to explore at Huntington Beach. Runyon Canyon Park in LA has 90 acres with various trails for you and your dog to explore.

Preparing Your Pickup Truck for a Road Trip

Prepare Your Truck

The roads of California have seen a lot of traffic but are well maintained for the most part. Like any other road trip, you should still take a few precautions to maintain the longevity of your truck. Let your pickup truck warm up before you start each day. Always make sure your tires are in good condition and regularly check your battery health. Tip: you should replace your battery every 3-5 years, depending on how often you drive your truck. 

In California, you’re looking at a lot of dust and some muddy terrain. If you don’t have one already, install a thick rubber truck bed mat that will protect your bed from heavy cargo and any debris you might pick up on the road. Black Armour truck bed mats offer unrivalled protection, keeping a barrier between your truck and damaging weather conditions – it wipes clean every time and won’t absorb water or degrade over time. Learn more about our buying tips. 

As for yourself and your passengers, keeping a stock of emergency supplies, extra food, water, battery chargers, and warm clothing will make sure your road trip is successful. 

So, whether you’re looking for a luxurious place to relax or a scintillating adventure, look no further than the Sunshine State for your next road trip. If you’ve taken any of these trips or have another recommendation, reach out and let us know.

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