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Best Pickup Truck Bed Mats 2021

At Black Armour, we don’t skimp on quality to make a sale, nor do we deceive. We don’t hide the fact that our truck bed mats are at a premium price. Why? Because if you want the best, sometimes you have to put your hand in your pocket. Our mats aren’t cheap, in the same way the Ford F150 isn’t the most affordable truck on the road. So, we’re not going to pretend there aren’t competitors who can offer something cheaper. We’re going to measure our bed mat against five key competitors on the market using just the facts, no sales pitch, to show why it’s the superior truck bed mat in North America.

Westin Bed Mats

Westin offers both custom fit and universal fit options, as Black Armour does. They’re made in the USA from 100% recycled rubber. On the surface they both look very similar; however, Black Armour mats have some key differences. The Westin bed mat’s listed weight is 38 pounds, while Black Armour mats are an eighth of an inch thicker but weigh an average of 83 pounds. That weight doesn’t correlate directly with the added thickness, meaning the Black Armour mat is denser per pound, so will offer a tougher protective layer and is less likely to wear, crack or absorb liquid. Westin offers a three-year limited warranty, while ours is for life.

Dee Zee Bed Mats

Dee Zee bed mats are the other side of the coin to Black Armour, with a strong focus on affordability. That lower price tag doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of quality, as they’re US produced, custom fit and boast strong traction. However, the Black Armour has a lifetime warranty vs the Dee Zee’s three year. Our bed liner mats are also around 25% thicker and are 83 pounds while the Dee Zee bed mat is advertised at less than half that weight at 36 pounds. Does weight equal quality in this sense? We would say yes, as more weight implies a denser bed mat and more protection for your bed. When you’re considering the weight of a truck, the added weight is nothing to its fuel consumption, but with a bed liner that weight could make a significant difference.

WeatherTech TechLiner Bed Mats

WeatherTech TechLiner mats seem a little on the flimsy side. They’re only an eighth of an inch thick and weigh 13 pounds against the Black Armour’s 83. TechLiners are also described as made from 100% recyclable material. While the material is recyclable, their site does not say that they are made from previously recycled rubber, implying that they’re not the greenest option out there. The product might be recyclable, but in a long-term investment, your buying focus shouldn’t be on what happens when you get rid of it. Black Armour truck liner mats are intended for lifelong use.

Rough Country Bed Mats

Rough Country bed mats are pretty solid, made in the USA from recycled materials. They’re described as an extra thick truck bed liner, though they come in an eighth of an inch thinner than the Black Armour bed mat and around half the weight at 40.6 pounds. This would suggest that for their thickness, they’re still less dense per pound, so aren’t quite the ultimate protective mat they claim to be.

Loadhandler Doubl-Mat Reversible Truck Bed Mat

The Loadhandler Double-Mat is half the thickness of the Black Armour mat and only weighs in at around 29 pounds. The Loadhandler does not appear to come in a custom fit, so will not fit edge to edge in your truck bed. This can lead to water seeping in and being trapped underneath, which can stain, rust, and add mould to your truck bed. Oil, fuel, paint, and other corrosives could also leak into those gaps left by a one-size-fits-all mat.

So, there you have it. These are five of the most well-known bed mat companies in Canada and America. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of each and it’s clear why we describe our truck bed mat as premium. The question now stands: do you want the best truck bed liner out there? If so, find yours in our store today.

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